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Cloud Application

ARIES Mobile.png

ARIES is a new visitor management system; an innovative approach to transform corporate building reception and admittance services. ARIES offer as cloud service, enabling fast, secured and contactless onboard experience to visitors and tenants. Coupled with advanced facial recognition technology in a compact-form tablet size device,


ARIES secure corporate building from unregistered/un-approved visitor from entering building premise. 

ARIES Mobile App


Self-Service Visitor

Registration - ARIES mobile friendly site allow visitor to pre-register prior entering building


Staff & Tenant Management - Keep track of staff attendance and ensure staff productivity 


Inteligent InSight

Dashboard and reporting for onboarding statistic 


Support Facial Recognition Device Integrate with facial recognition device for personnel authenticationand access control 

ARIES feature highlight


ARIES provides the overall statistic of every building, this allows the organization to visualize the performance context of respective building such as tenant occupancy rate, new tenancy occupancy, tenant organization size, total visiting statistic, visiting hours and more.

Dashboard for Building Owner

Dashboard 2.png

ARIES dashboard highlights the daily statistic of visitor and tenants through the day, week and months. It allows building management to have a glance of what happening in the past, so it helps them to do a better forecast of traffic for the near future.


ARIES also able to displays the exceptional cases such as visitors that do not wear the mask, non-registered visitors or tenants, odd hours visiting and more.

Dashboard for Building Management Body

Explore how ARIES can help you manage day to day operation for corporate building and transform in-store experiences for better customer service. 

Digitising Corporate_Building_Reception

Digitising Corporate Building Reception and Admittance Services

Corporate building management is going under transformation to deliver secured and better reception service and experiences to visitor and tenant. Building reception or front desk area is the first impression to all visitors and potential customers; hence it is essential for building management continue to maintain the professionalism, hospitality and ensuring general security admission. 


Transforming In-Store experiences 

The enterprise must continue to focus on driving operation efficiency, deliver better customer services and experiences, to stay competitive and maintain customer loyalty. One of the critical approaches is to transform existing operation and administrative model – aggressively automate and streamline manual processes and tasks through A.I and technology. 

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