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Remote Access Solution


Aruba Remote Access Popints (RAP) address the problem of remote connectivity for workforce that are mobile, remote and requiring access to internal resources to get work done. Since employee should be experts in their respective areas and may not be technical, RAP installation is plug-and-play, have built-in diagnostic, and is simple for any employee to power up.

With Aruba RAP your IT team can quickly securely extend the corporate enterprise network or internal network connection to any mobile devices, laptops or even in-home network.

Aruba Remote Access Solution

In conjunction with Aruba #WFH campaign,TARCH is offering packaged solution; enabling organization to kick start the remote access capability quickly, allowing employee continue to work from home with secured and consistent network assess. 

Aruba value proposition:

1. Corporate Access From Anywhere

  • Connect to the office without being at the office

2. Consistent Security

  • Same authentication and encryption as the corporate network

  • The same access policies and rights used everywhere

3. Consistent Access

  • No VPN Clients or additional credentials for users leading to fewer mistakes

4. Management

  • Simplified management –a single platform for all access, local and remote, with one interface and one set of policies

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Sol 2.png
Sol 3.png

Simple and quick setup, ideal for 10 - 50 users environment 


  1. Pre-requisite applied*

  2. Price exclude sales tax

  3. Contact us for more information (03-7491 1830 or​

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