Digitising Corporate Building Reception and Admittance Service

Corporate building management is under transformation to deliver secured and better reception service and experiences to visitor and tenant. Building reception or front desk area is the first impression to all visitors and potential customers, hence it is important for building management continue to maintain the professionalism, hospitality and ensuring general security admission.

Many cooperate buildings still do not have proper visitor and tenant management system. Visitors are required to queue at front desk filling up the registration form manually. During peak period, this will create long queue and visitors are required to wait for long time. In a worse case, anyone can pretend to be a visitor, to slip into the building for malicious purposes. Traditional visitor management system coupled with security access card mechanism has many challenges too; security access card can be tempered, theft and misplace, which impose high security risk to building management.

ARIES is a new visitor management system; an innovative approach to transform corporate building reception and admittance services. ARIES offer as cloud service, enabling fast, secured and contactless onboard experience to visitors and tenants. Coupled with advanced facial recognition technology in a compact-form tablet size device, ARIES secure corporate building from unregistered/un-approved visitor from entering building premise. The tablet device also supports body temperature measurement and mask detection within 1.2m range, which make it an ideal solution for corporate building to adhere to new SOP and safety guideline.

Using mobile friendly site, first-time visitors can pre-register into ARIES, schedule appointment with the tenant before the actual visit. Once the appointment is approved by tenant, the appointment will be recorded in ARIES, hence during the visiting day, visitor no longer need to register or fill up any form again. This eliminate paper registration entirely, hence encourage paperless practice and reduce the waiting/queuing time. To handle large group of visitors or special guest, front desk personnel can use ARIES mobile app to assist visitor registration, built-in OCR capability can speed up acquiring information from visitor ID card.

ARIES - Using human face as ID, it eliminates the limitation of traditional security access card (card theft, tempered, misplaced), facial recognition also significantly increases the admittance security and deliver seamless experiences; as each visitor, staff and tenant’s “face” is unique and they only need to show their “face” instead of carry a access card. Basically, facial recognition technology help corporate building realizes one simple approach – “if you are not the authorized personnel, you are not allowed to enter”. Every year corporate building reported countless issue related to loss of access card, misplaced and access card theft. The unproductive and logistic cost that relate to managing security access card system is significantly high and wasting company resources.

ARIES support multi-tenancy and flexible role-based administration; this allow corporate building owner and building management body to manage large pool of building reception and admittance services. ARIES can be offered to individual tenant office to admit their own visitor, perform staff attendance and securing their own premise. With ARIES real-time dashboard, building management have visibility on visitor, tenant and staff’s statistic at every entrance and exit, floor, office unit, building computing facility and security control room. With the comprehensive statistic, ARIES provide powerful insight on building traffic flow, entrance and exit pattern, special guest’s appearance, first time vs regular visits, floor visited and more. This enable building management body or facility management to establish a proactive plan to maintain the building such as maintaining health and safety standards under the new SOP and other compliances, forecast facility upcoming needs and requirements, ability and automatically detect personnel with high body temperature, faster response and track unauthorized personnel, emergency planning and more.


· Secured and contactless onboard experiences for staff and visitor

· Accelerate visitor reception and staff admittance to building

· Provide better insight for maintain building service

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