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Thermal Detection & Facial Recognition Access Control

Enforce and strengthen corporate building with contactless solution, minimizing exposure of contaminated surface and ensuring social distance. Below is SenseTime all-in-one device solution (SensePass and SensePass Pro), can be deployed in entrance/ exit, front desk/reception area, wall/door/pole mount. 

Combined with the management, corporate can implement access control policy for staff and visitor, it serves as perfect visitor management system too. 

SenseTime features and benefits:

  1. Highly accurate facial recognition rate (>99%)

  2. Mobile and portability - can be deployed in various location.

  3. Leverage on common network and power infrastructure 

  4. Centralized management and 3rd application integration

  5. Build in time attendance, image library and search, blacklist/whitelist and etc. 

All in one FR Device.png

Taking one step a head - combining facial recognition with body thermal detection !

Tablet size device, flexible deployment, at front desk, entrance/exit, door or stand alone pole mounted - your choice. 

Idea for staff management - attendance, body temperature check, access control.  


Application scenarios

Deployment Scenario.png
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