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Visitor Managemenmt

The local retail company is seeking a way to optimise existing supplier and visitor operation, with the objective to:


* Reduce operation cost

* Achieve better security and operation compliance

* Enhance existing visitor and supplier workflow


The COVID situation has further accelerated the need for process control and tracking; the company has chosen TARCH to modernize its visitor and supplier management through cloud computing and facial recognition system.


TARCH has a cloud-based visitor and staff management that tightly integrate with SenseTime, which strategically address the company requirement. TARCH has proposed SenseThunder AIR for more than 50 locations, across Malaysia. All the SenseThuder Air devices are managed centrally, allowing the company to visualize and manage visitors and suppliers.


Through this approach, the company can cut down significantly manpower to manage the suppliers, simplify the visitor admittance process and achieve better security and efficiency.

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