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Digitising Corporate Building Reception and Admittance Service

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Building management is under transformation to deliver secured and better reception services and experiences to visitors and tenants. Building reception or front desk area is the first impression to all visitors and potential customers, hence it is important for building management to continue to maintain professionalism, hospitality, and ensuring general security admission. 

We offer on-prem and cloud-based visitor management system ("ARIES"), integrated with advanced facial recognition device to secure corporate building, accelerate visitor and staff admittance, provide intelligent insight for better planning and compliance.    

Contactless onboarding experiences 

Securing Building Premise

Securing Premise.png

ARIES solution can secure all essential department within building and offices. This includes entrance to data centre, finance, HR and legal department, R&D area, high-value storeroom and more. ARIES integrate with supported facial recognition device (see below), centralize monitor and deploy access control policy across all FR device. 

This significantly strengthen premise security, minimize logistic and management cost associate to the traditional access card system. 

All-In-One Device



SensePass face recognition all-in-one device is a safe and convenient industrial-grade device for access control. With SenseTime's latest deep learning algorithms, SensePass facilitates personnel access and attendance management by verifying identified it can be applied in various venues such as corporate building, hotels, factories, transport hub, school and etc, for the implementation of smart access control.  


The SenseThunder-E Mini is a 2-in-1 contactless temperature measurement and facial recognition-integrated terminal. it leverages the latest facial recognition and deep learning algorithms to accurately and effectively associate the detected body temperature with the corresponding profile.


  • Facial recognition-integrated

  • Contactless & Accurate Measurement

  • Detection of Masks

  • Attendance Taking 

  • Liveness Detection 

  • Body temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.4°C (SenseThunder only)

  • Contactless temperature screening from up to 1.2 metres

  • Facial recognition possible when a face is occluded by mask

  • Face mask detection to enforce the wearing of masks

  • Connectivity to and power supply from SensePass via USB interfaces

ARIES Cloud Software

Visitor Traffic Overview

Aries Dashboard.png

ARIES is a new visitor management system; an innovative approach to transform corporate building reception and admittance services. ARIES offer as cloud service, enabling fast, secured and contactless onboard experience to visitors and tenants.

ARIES dashbaord provide the overview of visitor, staff and strangers that enter and exit of the corpoarte building.

So the reception and building management has visbility on: 

  • Who (staff, tenant, visitors, stranegers) is visiting the buidling

  • To whom and which company they are visting

  • Location 

  • Visting time and record 

The web dashbaord that can accessed anyway, anytime.

Design for building management

Design for building.png

This module is designed for building management body or join management body (JMB) to manage and provision tenants within the corporate building. ARIES support multi-tenancy management with multiple building, JMB can create new tenant companies, bulk-onboarding of tenant staffs, administrate tenant entrance and exit of building.


It also includes approval workflow for tenant to request, change, terminate of their staff. In the case where the supported FR device is mounted on the building turnstile or entrance with FR access control, JMB can eliminate the conventional security access card system by using ARIES to centralized provision the access control policy.



Zone and Control 


ARIES integrate with smart access control device such as SensePass/SenseThunder, allowing building management to define the zones. 

The zone allow buidling management to define the access control policy,  Such as Staff zone cannot be accessed by visitors. 

ARIES support flexible zone and devices implementation, multiple zones can be creatsed within a single floor with different smart devices attached to it. 



Visitor onboarding and staff management

visitor onbaording and staff management.

Onboarding visitor and tenant employee have never been easier. ARIES support the following onboarding or registration method:


  • Office receptionist can use mobile phone or Tablet to register visitor via the mobile friendly website (no app needed)  

  • Buidling manager can create a tenant admin account for tenant to bulk upload the employee, create new employee and disable employee.


  • Employee and Visitor self registrarion via mobile friendly website. 



Visitor onboarding and staff management

Preg and DB.png

Visitor Pre Registration

Building management can generate unique QR for different and multiple buildings.

The QR code direct the visitor to self service registration page. 

Self registration increase the security, reduce building management worklaod and achieve better efficiency. In addition, building management have better visbility of visitor presences through the dashboard. 



Contact us for more information or demo, we are happy to show you :)

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