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Applied IT - FR

Advanced Security Control System via Facial Recognition 

Using FR as door access control bring the building security to next level. It mitigates limitation from traditional card system.  Very often enterprise does not have visibility of who is owning the access card, whether is visitor or staffs, what access right privilege link to each access card. Not to mention common example like card theft, card issuance and management of access card. The cost associate to managing traditional access control system can be substantial; even the legitimate access card can be obtained through many ways, hence leaving company asset and buildings susceptible to break in or exploit.

Based on Sensetime solution, face captured device that be mounted on building entrance, asset room, important meeting room, management room and etc. Using registered/approved face as the facial ID to gain entrance – eliminate the need of access card.  In additional, face check in also recorded as time attendance.  


Visitor Management System

Onboard your customer with facial recognition technology.

Using intelligent camera or face capture device and AI software to detect visitor (regular customer, VIP, employees) to deliver better user experiences. Unlike traditional card base registration/authentication, FR speed up the onboarding process and provide higher security.  The card can be used by others to access the building, but only the registered “face” is recognized. The FR can be used for employee attendance purposes, by integrating the FR to HR system, employee no longer need the access card. 

senselink dashboard 2.png

FR System with Thermal detection capability


Small form factor and highly portable FR device, integrated with unique thermal camera. The FR system can automate the detection of human body temperature. 

This can eliminate physical contact, increase detection accuracy and reduce labour work. 


The FR device can be mounted on reception desk to automatically screen incoming visitor, plus capturing visitor faces. The FR device can also mounted on turnstiles, entrance and exit, to monitor and facial recognize visitor and staff. 


44.5mm x 43mm x 49mm (WxDxH)

Weight 180g (USB connection)

Detection range 0.5m-2m

Temperature detection 30C - 45C

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